A tear in your favorite jeans? Your grandmothers silk blouse with a worn collar? Repairing these ‘scars’ form the basis of the Golden Joinery game.
The board game questions fast fashion by giving a beautiful second life to damaged garments.

Just invite some friends and ask them to bring a dear but broken garment. Together you will repair your clothes with gold. No experience is needed with needle and thread, you will learn by doing. The cards will guide you through the levels on the game board to get to the finish: your unique mini collection of garments with golden scars.
Golden Joinery is a non-commercial clothing brand, initiated by Dutch fashion collective Painted Series. Established in 2006 by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and theater director Margreet Sweerts, Painted Series works together with masters in nearly-forgotten crafts – like needlepoint lace from Bulgaria and the

complex beadwork of the Assiniboine tribe of North America – in addition to preserve these techniques and explore alternative ways of making, presenting and distributing fashion.
The Golden Joinery game takes inspiration from the 15th-century Japanese repair technique kintsugi, by which broken porcelain was fixed with molten gold. Not only could the repaired pottery continue to be used, also its aesthetic value was often actually enhanced by the repair work. Celebrating the story of your garments with golden scars, a second layer is added, putting into question the monopoly of fashion labels.

The Golden Joinery Game (€ 39,95) can be ordered online and includes manuals, cards, golden thread, golden fabrics, needles and pins. 10% of each purchace price will be donated to The Clean Clothes Campaign.


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