Structure – Norwegian Craft & Design

Norway steps out of its Nordic neighbours’ design shadow. During Milan Design Week 2016 the exhibition Structure showcased contemporary Norwegian craft and design, curated by Norway’s renowned interior stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio together with Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief of Swedish design magazine Residence. Bringing together the work of 26 participants – spanning furniture, ceramics, lighting, textiles and interior accessories – Structure is a new initiative, intended to showcase the vision, innovation and artistry behind Norway’s

contemporary creative scene. Contributors were selected from a wide range of design disciplines and were invited to create objects around the theme ‘structure’, which explains the diverse constructions and materials used. The concept is the brainchild of Norwegian Designers Union Klubben, Norwegian Crafts and paint manufacturer Jotun, in collaboration with the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.
Below a selection of the exhibition.
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Tumble by Falke Svatun Steinlav by Anette Krogstad Between by Sara Polmar Stillleben by Ann Kristin Einarsen Pour by Guzzler Polmar Untitled by Kristin Opem Trace by Sverre Uhnger En Glomd Varld Lamning by Aron Li Changing Perspective by Elin Hedberg Three Cities Deconstructed by Vera&Kyte Kveik by Barmen & Brekke

                                                  Photography: Siren Laudal


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