Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer

Looking for objects to brighten up your office, store, pop-up shop or showroom? During Milan Design Week 2016 Studio Mieke Meijer presented the wonderful Space Frames.

The abstract volumes – filled with light – of the Space Frames are based on archetypical architectural elements such as arcs, columns, trusses and plates. Made from lightweight wooden structures enclosed by a textile cover the lights, the series of separate objects can be positioned freely.
The unpredictable compositions create an interaction with the surrounding space and can be seen as an experimental research into physical and visual lightness, balance and stability.

Studio Mieke Meijer is a collaboration between Dutch designers Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé. Meijer graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Letterlé studied structural engineering at PTH Eindhoven. From their workshop in Eindhoven (NL) they work on self-initiated and commissioned projects within the liminal field between architecture and product design. Manifest in the works of Studio Mieke Meijer are the constructive form language, the clean lines and the industrial details. These aesthetic characteristics often relate directly to their architectural references. The studio reconstructs and rescales spatial imageries of buildings and architectonic constructions to create new functional installations. The works, therefore, are reinterpreted reminders of our daily constructed and engineered surroundings.
All designs are executed in Studio Mieke Meijer’s own workshop, where craft is combined with modern industrial techniques.

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Photography : Studio Mieke Meijer




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