Re-use Design

I’m a fan of the Studio Kalff Glassware series and just discovered the eclectic side tables of Unicorn Berlin. Dutch designer Roos Kalff and German designer Andreas Berlin of Unicorn Berlin both use vintage finds and reshape the form and function of the original objects to create unique, handmade products.

For her constantly growing Glassware series, Roos Kalff explores vintage glassware as the material basis to create new lighting and table pieces. Her aesthetic language bridges past and present, echoing historical designs in a contemporary approach towards functionality and sustainability.



A vase, not as a product, but as a segment of a sculpture, was the starting point of Unicorn Berlin. For his first series of side tables Andreas Berlin experimented with more than 800 vintage vases – found on flea markets and antique shops in and around of Berlin – to find a balanced construction and the perfect combination of diameter, shape, texture and colour.


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