Reshaped History

Heirloom inspired garments in black and white evoke nostalgic emotions, but at the same time offer a very contemporary fashion aesthetic that can transcend trends and seasons.

It’s crystal clear that we need more responsible fashion concepts. Consumers will increasingly want brands to act on the basis of long-term vision, instead of short-term demand. So brands have to think about signature hallmarks that will be relevant for quite some time. I think that traditional everyday silhouettes from around 1900 can

explore new fashion roads and elevate contemporary garments to well-designed and aesthetically durable items. Of course proportions have to be reshaped, to balance history with a clean lined contemporary energy. Fit, materials and details have to be well-thought-out, to strengthen the non-seasonal nature.
This is fashion for a woman who loves cultural heritage bridged to modern design.
For me, her style connects with the Scandinavian interior design movement that is built on function and favours a warm minimal beauty, one rooted in quality and craftsmanship as opposed to throw-away trends. Be inspired!

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