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Hi, nice to meet you.

I am Meta Struycken and part of the fashion industry since 1990. I work as a designer, editor, trend forecaster and creative director.

I love to see the worlds of fashion, interior, textiles and art through curious eyes. Style Indicator is an online magazine with curated content concerning style, design and aesthetics. With this website I aim to make an inspirational contribution in developing contemporary visions on fashion design related to the spirit of the times, because I believe…

We need to rethink fashion in relation to new lifestyles. The world is changing and this calls for customized insights that anticipate a new era. Buying less, but better designed garments does make happy on a personal level, but also would represent a major step towards a more ethical and environmentally responsible society.

in clothes that are made to last for several seasons or even a lifetime in terms of design, quality and production. In order to achieve this we need collections composed of individual pieces we can personally feel related to: from easy to live in wardrobe essentials to special items that tell a story and inspire.

we should reinvent age old textile traditions and specialized crafts from around the world. The rethinking of this cultural heritage – local or as a melting pot of references – can be a major innovator for contemporary fashion design. It’s not just the product, but the process of creating that makes fashion so desirable.

that interior design can be a major source of inspiration for fashion. A home is a personal mix of shapes and textures, of past and present, of high and low, of the emotional and the practical, of the handmade and the industrial. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we should ‘furnish’ our wardrobes like a well-curated home?

Commissioned work

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO can nurture your inspiration with visual stories and texts in relation to lifestyles and trends

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO can guide you in getting your story, philosophy or identity clear and will find the matching visual language

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO can help you to build concepts that are not only influenced by seasons or trends

STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO can deliver color, fabric and silhouette recommendations that keep your brand’s voice contemporary and relevant

Style Indicator Studio has worked as a creative consultant & sold trend information to companies like Baum und Pferdgarten, BMW,
G-Star RAW, Kyra&Ko, Puma, Sylver, Turnover, Volkskrant Magazine, Woolmark Company, Zenggi…

If you would like more information about STYLE INDICATOR STUDIO, please contact:

Meta Struycken
0031 (0)511 420 435
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