Kinfolk Gallery Copenhagen

Danish studio Norm Architects designed a European office space for Kinfolk magazine in central Copenhagen. The welcoming atmosphere embodies qualities of a well-curated home and reaffirms Kinfolk’s commitment to considered living, warm minimalism and community gatherings.

Delving deeply into home, work, style and culture, leading slow lifestyle magazine Kinfolk promotes quality of life since 2011. So it is not surprising that Norm Architects developed the concept for Kinfolk’s European headquarters (the independent publication was founded in Portland, Oregon) in close dialogue with Kinfolk’s co-founder/editor-in-chief Nathan Willams.
The entire location is divided into three zones that progressively increase in privacy, starting from the entry. The first space is multifunctional and designed to host exhibitions, dinners, workshops etc. The area also functions as a collaborative

workspace where Kinfolk’s friends and partners share their ideas and showcase their work. Facing the busy Amager Torv with a full facade of big glass windows, the space is visually inviting the streets of Copenhagen inside.
The second space centres around a large meeting table, as well as a lounge area that features a plush orange sofa. The big sitting nook in the corner invites to curl up with a book or a laptop.
The final section is an open-plan office which is disconnected from the public areas. Custom oak tables and walls finished in textured plaster give the interior an earthy wabi-sabi quality.
Inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic, the new Kinfolk home is pared-back, but thoughtful with attention to every colour, material, texture and detail. Norm Architects have managed to create a harmonious and natural feel that suits the Kinfolk credo of slow living perfectly.

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The Kinfolk Gallery was co-created in partnership with: Apparatus, 
B&O Play, 
Fade Acoustic Ceilings, Lambert & Fils, Kabe, 
Kvadrat, Menu, 
Muuto, Paustian Reform, Rich Brilliant Willing, Sørensen Leather, Vitra and 
Vola 6


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