I believe in the comeback of the apron, because this protective garment evokes associations with craftsmanship, workwear, traditional folk costumes, artisan goods and locally produced products. All issues that become more and more relevant as a movement against mass production and too much of the same stuff everywhere.
Consumers become ‘makers’ – ‘do it yourself’ projects have shaken off their dusty image – and will rediscover the benefits and layered beauty of the practical apron.
The kitchen morphed into the epicentre of the house since we like to play chef at home and cook healthy meals to share with friends and family. Of course this

contemporary kitchen living brings back memories of the apron and the pinafore.
Last but not least, our changing work habits – with more and more of us working in different places – connects with the revival of the apron. Moving between different locations, like the office, home and co-working spaces, asks for multifunctional garments to store, organize and carry working tools and everyday essentials.
It’s time for new visions on fashion with functional classics that are transformed into hands-on, modern garments.
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