Products in Process

In response to the vast amount of finished products, a group of 9 graduates from the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven decided to show only the research and experiment process in relation to colour, shape, material and technique.
Envisions debuted in Milan last April and will exhibit during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (22 – 30 October 2016).

Envisions showcases everything but the end product and gives an insight into the scenes of creation. Herewith the Dutch collective aims to offer new insights to different phases of the design process that would normally never be seen by the public’s eye.
Transcending the fear of copycats, the exhibitors reveal more about their way of working and by doing so, a climate for interaction and exchange is created. The setup is intended to trigger a dialogue between designers, clients and manufacturers and give rise to new-found joint ventures. envisions.nl

0-envisions-simone_post 1a-envisions-bastiaan_de_nennie 2-envisions-sanne_schuurman envisions-adrianus_kundert envisions-iwan_pol envisions-jeroen_vd_gruiter envisions-studio_plott envisions-studio_truly_truly envisions-thijs_gilde


Photography: Ronald Smits

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