Roos Gomperts

When you see the work of Roos Gomperts, you discover a quirky and attractive world of shape, color and tactility. Her last two projects – Foam & Glass and Foam & Glass II – she presented in Milan under the flag of Dutch Invertuals, a collective of various Dutch designers. For these series of products  the designer combined craftsman-blown glass from Leerdam with hand-painted foam rubber, and she played with contrasts like hard and soft, matte and glossy, thanks to the use of these two visually and physically contrasting materials.

Foam is often purely used in order to protect glass, but because Gomperts considers the two materials as equal partners, it takes on a new meaning.
The functional aspect does not play a central role for Gomperts, but rather the intuitive and visual. Roos Gomperts completed studies in 2012 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

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