Flower Constructions

What would happen if a cocktail of flower seeds were launched into space? Would a planet full of new kinds of flowers be created? Anne Ten Donkelaar fantasised about that and created a personal, flower-rich fantasy world for which she let herself  inspired by discoveries. Dried flowers, leaves, twigs, insects, but also cut-out photos get a second life in the form of her Flower Constructions, collages with which the designer tells stories about accessibility and beauty.

Because each part is pinned with fine pins, the vegetation takes on an outer-space character. Anne Ten Donkelaar graduated in 2007 from the 3D Product Design department of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (College of the Arts) in Utrecht and has worked since then as an independent designer as well as in commission. On Anne Ten Donkelaar’s website, there are many more Flower Constructions to admire:

1 Flower construction #14 (50 cm x 70cm x  6.5 cm)

2 Flower construction #53 (70 cm x 100 cm x 6.5 cm) 3 Anne ten Donkelaar Flower construction #43 (50 cm x 70cm x 6.5 cm) 4 flower construction #17  (70cm x 120cm x 6.5 cm) 5 flower construction #13  (60cm x 100cm x 6.5 cm) 6 flower construction #22 (50cm x 70cm x 6.5 cm) 7 Flower construction #56 (70 cm x 100cm x 6.5cm) anne-ten-donkelaar-flower-constructions-designboom-42


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