true fashion is about beauty, expression, vision, tradition & innovation, craftsmanship,
authenticity, history, emotion, seduction, energy, playing, magic, eclecticism, culture …

true fashion is about textile and texture, weaving, dyeing, print, colour, shape, tailoring,
moulage, drape, construction, layering, embroidery, stitching, decoration, details …

style indicator loves the language of true fashion design
and the many possibilities to dress
we aspire to inspire
by telling
stories behind style

My name is Meta Struycken and I am creative director and founder of Style Indicator. For me,
all the experiences that I gathered during the past 25 year in fashion come together within this
web magazine. Right after I graduated from the fashion department of ArtEZ in Arnhem, I started
my own  fashion house just like many young designers do nowadays. I went to the bank – which
was at that time still keen on the project – and opened Le Salon right across the Stedelijk Museum
in Amsterdam. It was a great time with catwalk shows on famous locations in and around
Amsterdam and lots of attention from television, newspapers and magazines. But even then it was
a costly affair to work with beautiful fabrics and tailoring professionals. A collaboration with a
financer did not work out  and I decided to close my fashion house. After that period I worked several
years  as a freelance designer for different commercial labels and eventually became creative director
of the Dutch Fashion Institute (DFI). At the DFI I was in charge of composing trend and concept books
for seasons to come. Trend forcasting is a very inspiring part of fashion business that for me still
is a daily interest and occupation.
Together with my husband Simon Verlaat – former publisher of glossy magazines –  I composed the
fashion trade magazine newStyle over the past 10 years with a lot of commitment and love. A valuable
experience in the field of retail and the middle segment of the fashion industry. Last year we had to stop
publishing newStyle because of the general malaise in the fashion industry. Misery that is to blame
to the lousy economic situation of our times, but which in my opinion also has to do with the flattening
of the fashion metier in general and the numerous retailers without vision.
For many people fashion is just a trade and has no longer anything to do with the things that  make it
so magical and inspiring. Therefore I initiated STYLE INDICATOR. A webmagazine in which fashion
does not get stuck in the worn commercial path, celebrity culture, fashionistas and superficial bloggers,
but where information about trends, craftsmanship, vision, creativity and beauty are the main focus.
I aspire to tell the consumer – in words and pictures – the stories behind innovative and wayward directions
within fashion design and show them that there is so much beauty around the world conceived and created
by both famous fashion houses, renowned brands, almost unknown labels and individual designers. I follow
the international trends but also my own intuition. Fashion my main point of focus, but is also related
regularly to different other creative disciplines like design, interior, art, architecture, photography and food.
By going deeper into sources of inspiration, craft techniques, cultural and historical aspects, social
developments and lifestyles – which are the basis of a trend, a product, a collection or brand – I hope to
inform and inspire other people and make them realise what fashion really is about.

Meta Struycken,

0031 (0)511 420 435

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