The functioning of the fashion system is on everybody’s lips with see-now-buy-now, slowing down and sustainability as key points of discussion. But some people don’t talk and just act. Fashion editors Cristina Casini and the Keiko Seya – one Italian, the other Japanese – set the example and founded CristaSeya in 2013.
Their recipe? Small editions, high quality fabrics and easy designs, that offer the possibility to compose your own lifetime wardrobe.

Times are changing and fashion doesn’t have to change every season. That’s why the Paris based brand CristaSeya creates timeless clothes – caftans, shirt dresses, trench coats, men’s trousers, pyjama jackets, suits – that are relaxed, natural and easy to wear.

Fits are effortless to let the beauty and quality of materials, like linen form Kyoto or Australian wool, speak for themselves. The high-end production of CristaSeya is entirely carried in France, Italy and Japan, with full respect of working ethic.
CristaSeya doesn’t present large collections every season like most brands, but launches a new ‘edition’ – 12 to 15 items – every six months. All editions, old and new, are simultaneously available at any given time upon request.
Besides clothing, each new edition introduces handmade objects from artisans that share the vision of Cristina Casini and Keiko Seya and enhance the lifestyle concept of their brand.
Below a selection of items from different editions. Check the CristaSeya website for all editions and point of sale (New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Antwerpen and more).

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